Our Approach

While the mission of changing hearts and saving lives is not unique to StandUpGirl, our approach is different from other pro-life sites. We are the only pro-life website that “reaches across the aisle” to young men and women who are not pro-life and would never think about going or want to go to a pro-life website.

In order to change hearts and save lives, we must first bring young people to the site. There is an enormous amount of information available on the internet. With over 16.7 million search results for the word abortion alone, finding StandUpGirl.com would be next to impossible if we were not able to advertise through search engines like Google, Bing and social media.

On the site, young women are able to post questions in the forum and receive feedback from others who can relate to them right where they are. They are moderated closely to make sure the young women are not giving out contact information which could allow them to be contacted by strangers. We watch closely to make sure abortion is not being pushed as a “solution”. Eleven separate forum sub-categories exist: “Personal Experiences”, “Pregnancy Questions“, “Parent Talk“, “Complications During Pregnancy“, “I think I’m Pregnant, Now What?“, “After the Choice“, “Need Advice“, “A Guy Says“, and “Parent Talk for Dads“.

The forum is very active, and posts are added several times a day. Visitors also send emails to the StandUpGirl’s, who respond to them daily. We also offer a chat room that is open weekly and monitored by our staff. This addition is becoming increasing popular, as young pregnant women are able to interact directly with the StandUpGirl’s and others who visit the site, and are provided with the knowledge, clarity, empowerment, and self-confidence needed to make decisions for life in “real-time.

The ultimate goal of StandUpGirl is to get the users in touch with a local Pregnancy Resource Center that can provide them with the personal interaction they need and a local support team. We currently refer our girls to www.OptionLine.org that offers 24 x 7 support along with an extensive worldwide contact list of Life Affirming Pregnancy Centers. Our recent endeavor with OptionLine has opened up a new source for girls requesting help”.  In 2013, we added the option for young women to text for help to 844-762-6387 and they have available 24hr counseling support. During our first 3 weeks of trials, we had 45 girls come through StandUpGirl and text the support line. We are currently seeing almost 400 text conversations a month through this media. As technology changes and our users get more mobile, we will have to develop more innovative ways to stay where users can easily obtain access to our resources.

We have StandUpGirl pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and tweet daily from our Twitter account.