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While the mission of changing hearts and saving lives is not unique to, our approach differs from other pro-life sites. We are one of the few Life-Affirming, Pro-Love websites that “reaches across the aisle” to young people who are not pro-life and would never think about using a pro-life website.

 Visitors have the option to further their contact through email, chat, or text 24×7. Daily we receive emails from women around the world and in the last 7 years we have had over 4900 contacts through texting and 2559 of those girls made an appointment with a life-affirming pregnancy center in their neighborhood!

With such a large amount of interactions happening each day, our goal is to get the users in touch with a local Pregnancy Help Organization that can provide them with a personal circle of support. We also provide free virtual training courses to these young women in crisis that range from pre-birth courses through child-rearing. All of these forms of communication are helping us to fulfill our mission, which is to save the lives of future generations and change hearts toward abortion as a viable option.

 In 2020, a George Fox University study found that with every $20 has spent since 2012, life has been saved in the US and that we have had a linear impact on abortion rates dropping. As we discover new levels of traffic volume each year, we have not yet found the limit of our outreach and continue to seek innovative ways to provide life-affirming resources and a circle of support for women in crisis. Foundation has been featured by K-Love, Mater Dei Radio, Christian News Northwest, National Right to Life, Priests for Life, Heartbeat International, American Center of Law and Justice, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, Christian Heart and Life Site News among others, as one of the most visited pro-life websites in the world.

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