What is StandUpGirl?

Please keep Mia and Misty in your prayers. Mia is battling Hodkins lymphoma right now.

StandUpGirl.com is nothing short of a miracle. Founded in 2001, this amazing website now reaches nearly 450,000 young people each month – over 4 million girls each year. Most guests remain on the site an average of 15 minutes, taking in phenomenal fetal development photography, life-like illustrations, remarkable video and a music room. In addition, resources connect young women from all over the world who share their stories of hope and courage.

Who We Are

Before she knows for sure, we are in her hands to give her help, resources, guidance and most of all Hope & Courage.

Watch our Founding Video to learn more about the history of the StandUpGirl.com Foundation Ministry!

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At StandUpGirl.com, we show up for young women seeking pregnancy support information via the internet. Studies show that 95% of teens are accessing information anonymously on a smartphone each day and they will continue to turn to us for help in that moment of crisis. This opens the doors to hope, emotional support, educational materials, and a community of women walking forward with the love of Christ, encircling these women within a network of life affirming programs.

StandUpGirl Helps Women Across the World!

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From our Blog

Kari Travella – Testimony

From young teen years on a path of destruction to finding the light of God and turning her broken world around. Hope, Courage and Love of GOD!

Everything to Me by Mark Schultz

This song gets me through every day knowing that I am doing what is best for my baby. I just pray that one day when he is old enough, he knows that I placed him for adoption not because I didn’t want him, but because I knew it was the best option for him. He will always be my baby. (:

Jolie Robinson Young Mom Track Star

I never thought I would be able to compete in sports after finding out I was pregnant in high school. And now, I am a state champion in 3 events. I am so thankful for my supportive family, friends, and coaches. I wouldn’t be able to do this alone. I thank God every...

My Story Kathy Barnette

My story only takes place in America. I am not standing outside waiting for someone to admit me into the American Dream. I AM THE AMERICAN DREAM.

Kate’s Story

Watch Kate’s Story. Finding out you are pregnant in college and how Kate found the hope and courage during her life changing time.

Gift of Love

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children, is our unconditional love. That goes for all parents; birth, foster, or adoptive. StandUpGirl is a champion for the gift of adoption.

Super Bowl Ad and Paralympic Swimmer Jessica Long

Published by: Author: KATIE YODER   FEB 11, 2021  | LifeNews.com After Toyota’s Super Bowl ad captured the touching life story of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, the media raced to report on the athlete. But many of them bypassed crucial details about the 28 year old...

Miracles Do Happen

“Gracie recently found out she was pregnant but was struggling with grief from the tragic loss of her nearly full-term daughter, only 6 months ago. She didn’t know what to do and wasn’t ready to replace her recently lost child. Gracie’s friend reached out to the team...

StandUpGirl World Wide Recognition

Pro-Life Ministry “StandUpGirl” Saves Lives over the Internet by Ken Ham A few weeks ago, while speaking in Portland, Oregon, I met a lawyer who later shared with me about an important ministry his organization supports that is actually saving lives and doing it over...

StandUpGirl Song by Emmie

The StandUpGirl Song written and sung by Emmie Slaughter!