Statement of faith Foundation

We are part of a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian association of faith-based pregnancy resource centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, and nonprofit adoption agencies endorsed by Christian leaders nationwide.

StandUpGirl’s Life-Saving Vision

…is to make abortion unwanted today and unthinkable for future generations.

Our Misson

…is to Reach and Rescue as many lives as possible, around the world, through an effective network of life-affirming pregnancy help, to Renew communities for LIFE.

To achieve our mission, we do the following:

We REACH those who are abortion-vulnerable through the StandUpGirl website, social media sites,
24×7 chat, text and email services.

“Reach down your hand from on high; deliver me…” – Psalm 144:7

We RESCUE those who are reached through our life-affirming network by providing true reproductive health care, ministry, education, and social services where lives are saved and changed.

“Rescue me, O Lord, from evil men; protect me from men of violence. ” – Psalm 140:1 Principles

  • We propose and offer, through education and creative services, positive choices for the woman challenged by pregnancy.
  • We do not discriminate in our services on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, or marital status.
  • Our services are personal, confidential, and non judgmental.
  • We shall not advise, provide, or refer for abortion, abortifacients, or contraceptives.
  • We encourage chastity as a positive lifestyle choice.
  • We promote God’s Plan for our sexuality: marriage between one man and one woman, sexual intimacy, children, unconditional/unselfish love, and relationship with God must go together.
  • We promote sexual integrity/sexual purity before marriage and sexual integrity faithfulness within marriage.
  • Policies and materials are consistent with Biblical principles and with orthodox Christian (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox) ethical principles and teaching on the dignity of the human person and sanctity of human life.