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Gifts to StandUpGirl Foundation are tax deductible as charitable contributions. It is IRS certified 501(c)(3).

About End of Year Ministry Partner Receipts

Dear Friends of Foundation,

In an effort to reduce our operational costs and use of consumables, after July of 2019, we moved to Year-End Ministry Partner Receipts versus monthly.

In January each year, you may receive via physical mail a detailed receipt of your generous donation to our Foundation. Or those of you who have provided us their email addresses will be receiving your receipts via email due to our new system.

If this poses a hardship for you and your accounting process, please call us at 503.554.5683 and we would be happy to continue sending your monthly receipts.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts to support Life!

Dawn Marie
Executive Director

Be The Difference Save A Life

  • provide hope and courage to young women in unexpected pregnancies, as well as access to life affirming resources.
  • Our compassionate volunteers personally answer emails/chats from thousands of young women facing crisis pregnances.
  • Text counceling, social media, live chat and online education and resources unify girls worldwide who share their stories and encourage each other.
  • Partnering to provide direct links to Pregnancy Help Centers worldwide through referrals, homepage Pregnancy Center Ads and
  • Since June of 2011 we have reached over 150M young people through social media and in conjunction with our website, over 20 million people each year.
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Prefer to mail in your Ministry Partnership Gift? Our mailing address is: Foundation, 215 N. Meridian St. Suite 206, Newberg, OR 97132

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