Here is a story written up by Marie Barzen:

After 11 years of leading, helping 40 DFL campaigns and standing out in front of various abortion clinics, I had my very first save!!!   Glory to the Holy Spirit!

I was driving down to the Lovejoy Surgicenter, a clinic that performs 55% of all abortion up to the 3rd trimester, listening to Catholic radio.  I just had time to have Sister Anne Shields talk about how we really need to love ourselves before we can love others.  These words helped give me direction and put me at peace.

It was very early in the morning, around 7am.  I had just put down a sign that said ” Have questions?  Just ask for help,” and had on hand the soft little preborn baby and info card along with the information packet that 2 other regular profilers’ had just given me when a Lyft car pulled up in front of the clinic door where I was waiting.  Two young African American women got out.  The poor Lyft driver just gave them and me a sad look.

Immediately, the mom in me took over.  Warmly, I asked them to take the information I had, and handed the pamphlets and the soft baby.  These two young girls looked sort of stunned but stood still.  Quickly, I asked them who was pregnant.  One of them said that she was.  I then asked how far along she was and if she was planning to abort her baby.  She said that she was just there to get information on her options.  From experience I know that coming to Lovejoy, very early, usually means that you’re scheduling or going through the process of having an abortion.

Then I told them both that there were more than just the three of us there.  “There are also 3, no, 4 guardian angel also with us.”  I then pointed me myself and touched the arms of each girl.  “But there’s another guardian angel here.  Your baby also has a guardian angel and he’s begging you to not abort this baby.”  They paused before going into the clinic but I was able to say.   “That pamphlet that I gave you has information about  While you’re filling out the paper work, (then looking at her friend) I want you to get on your phone and get to Stand Up Girl. Look up the stories and get anonymous advice.”  I asked if I could give them a hug which they said yes to  and I told them that I loved them.  As they were going through the door I told them that I could drive them home instead of calling Lyft.   We prayed for them while they were inside.

While they were in there I could peak in through the door for a moment.  I saw the pregnant girl filling out her paper work and her friend on her phone.  Well, about 20 mins later they both came out!  The young pregnant girl didn’t say anything but was softly crying.  Her friend smiled broadly and said  “She’s not going through with it.  She was just scared.  I’m actually her sister.”  I started jumping up and down I was so happy!  Therese Ruesink quickly came over and also joined in the celebration.  Therese congratulated her and told her that we would throw her the biggest baby shower ever!  I told them that Therese was the Godmother, of Portland.  She shrugged but then said that she has aided and followed some families for 7 years!   Therese then handed them her personnel Pro-Family Advocate card with her contact info. telling them that we keep everything confidential and told them to call.  I offered them a ride which they declined but took down their first names in my phone before they left with more hugs!!!

Praise be to God!!!

Marie Bernadette Barzen

98 Babies Saved and Counting!