What is StandUpGirl?

At StandUpGirl.com, we show up for young women seeking pregnancy support information via the internet. Studies show that 95% of teens are accessing information anonymously on a smartphone each day and they will continue to turn to us for help in that moment of crisis. This opens the doors to hope, emotional support, educational materials, and a community of women walking forward with the love of Christ, encircling these women within a network of life affirming programs.

Before she knows for sure, we are in her hands to give her help, resources, guidance and most of all Hope & Courage.

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What We Do, Save Lives!

Please keep Mia and Misty in your prayers. Mia is battling Hodkins lymphoma right now.

StandUpGirl.com is nothing short of a miracle. Founded in 2001, this amazing website now reaches nearly 450,000 young people each month – over 4 million girls each year. In addition, our resources connect young women from all over the world who share their stories of hope and courage.

StandUpGirl Helps Women Across the World!

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Featured Articles

Humanitarian Pro-Life Hero Dies at 68

This pro-life champion entered hospice on November 14. While his once-imposing energy emanating from his 6’2” frame waned, his resolve to save women and babies from abortion never faltered. His advice to me and the pro-life community in his last public appearance a few weeks before his death amid his cancer battle: “Figure out how to save more babies.”

Pro-life congresswoman champions motherhood by bringing newborn son to Congress

A pro-life congresswoman is breaking societal stereotypes by simultaneously embracing her political career and motherhood. Since welcoming her first child into the world, Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has shared photos of herself cradling her newborn son while continuing her work, debunking the pro-abortion myth that women must choose between a career and motherhood.

Free Britney

Update: Britney’s book has been selling out! Pages 74-77 are important about her pregnancy. Some call their unplanned pregnancy an “oops” or a mistake. In the early 2000s the pop star who brought us “Oops! I did it again,” was hiding a painful secret.

Pregnancy Help Partnerships Save Babies Across the World

Pregnancy Help Centers face a the tug-of-war over abortion that carries on in the United States, including last year’s death of Roe v. Wade, it’s important to remember the mission of saving unborn children continues across the planet. And sometimes like-minded organizations need to link arms to get the job done.

Planned Parenthood’s promotion of sex and abortion to America’s children

Priding themselves to be “America’s most trusted provider of sexual and reproductive health care,” Planned Parenthood’s social media posts on relationships, sexual orientation and transition, sexual activity, birth control and abortion, and their school education programs might be a bit shocking to some.

StandUpGirl a Loving Voice for Women

I believe our first calling to StandUpGirl.com and Pregnancy Help Centers around the world is to provide the resources, support and encouragement for women in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy and for women seeking information about pregnancy. But there are also...

New Ad Makes It Clear: It’s a Baby, Not a Fetus

People who support abortion use the term every single day: fetus. Because they’re so desperate to dehumanize the unborn child, abortion advocates use the term “fetus” instead of a baby to describe human beings before birth. Calling the baby a baby would make the fact...

Kari Travella – Testimony

From young teen years on a path of destruction to finding the light of God and turning her broken world around. Hope, Courage and Love of GOD!

Everything to Me by Mark Schultz

This song gets me through every day knowing that I am doing what is best for my baby. I just pray that one day when he is old enough, he knows that I placed him for adoption not because I didn’t want him, but because I knew it was the best option for him. He will always be my baby. (:

Jolie Robinson Young Mom Track Star

I never thought I would be able to compete in sports after finding out I was pregnant in high school. And now, I am a state champion in 3 events. I am so thankful for my supportive family, friends, and coaches. I wouldn’t be able to do this alone. I thank God every...