I believe our first calling to StandUpGirl.com and Pregnancy Help Centers around the world is to provide the resources, support and encouragement for women in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy and for women seeking information about pregnancy. But there are also times when we must be “StandUpGirls” as an organization and speak the truth. Even when the opposition is hard at work.

Reproductive choice is not purely access to abortion or the ability to choose to have an abortion. A women’s right to choose, must be all inclusive to include consent, alternatives to abortion and respect for the option to NOT to choose to have an abortion. As organizations charged with provide life affirming resources, we also must stand up for all of the available choices.

If we as a society seek to uphold a woman’s right to reproductive choice, then at the same time, we must embrace all options as well. As StandUpGirl.com reaches over 400,000 website visitors a month and over 700,000 interactions through social media, we have an important role to not only provide hope, but to speak the truth to millions each year around the world.

I pray that you each will continue to find ways in your daily dealings to encourage others to embrace every OPTION and be a loving voice for women in their time of crisis. “Be the Difference” and empower others to seek the support and love that is offered through our organizations and the extended resources available thru StandUpGirl.com.

Changing hearts takes the work of many and the love of us all. Don’t get weary in the quest for LIFE! As a family we have already become a catalyst for change. This is because of YOU! Continue to fulfill the quest to be the Loving Voice for those young women in crisis.

Thank you for all you do to support the mission of LIFE!.

Your partner in the journey~

Loving Voice for Women